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Sambangan Jungle Trekking

Explore The Jungle and 7 Waterfalls

The package of Sambangan Jungle Trekking offers a chance for you to find 7 amazing waterfalls in the paradise of the village Sambangan. The Journey will explore the Sambangan forest which is very important for Sambangan Village since it has an important role for keeping the water supply for the farmers. In this forest we will discover hidden natural treasures. They are unique plantations (such us ;cacao, palm sugar, coffee, fruits etc) and three wonderful waterfalls: Cemara Waterfall (35m) which is the highest waterfall in Sambangan village, the first waterfall we find. Then Dedari Waterfall (25m), and Swimming in Canging Waterfall (6m).

As long as the journey, you will enjoy the unique village scenery and beautiful views; something that can’t be found in your country. The rice fields and the traditional back to nature farming methods will also become interesting features during the trekking. If you lucky you can find some farmer activity in their farm. The local people still traditional lifestyle you can visit their house.

The journey will continue to explore four wonderful waterfalls, that’s is ; Blue Lagoon as megical swimming pool, by passing some stairways about 10 minutes, you will hear the waterfall sounds that are increasingly clear as you are near to the spot, It is Aling- Aling Waterfall (30m). You can feel the sacral and silence as you enter the area of waterfall. 

After enjoying the beauty of Aling Aling Waterfall, the journey  will find three different waterfalls that become 1 area; they are the Kroya waterfall that is commonly used for waterfall water slide from 12 meters, the Kembar waterfall where you can experience waterfall cliff  jumping from 10 meters, and the last where you also can jump from the height of 15 meters at Pucuk waterfall.

Detail Trip:

The journey starts from pick up at your accommodation by a friendly driver. Before starting your trekking activity, breakfast will be offer, and you will meet the guide who guides the trekking.

Exploring waterfalls in the tropic forest this walking from Tiying Tali Dam. After passing the Muara rice terrace you will discover three secret waterfalls they are Canging Waterfall, Dedari Waterfall, and Cemara Waterfall, you can swim in Cemara waterfall Along way you will find unique plantation such as ; Coffee, Snack fruit, Cacao, and othres tropic plantation.

After that you will go downhill through Cengana sub-village. In this area you can see local people life in the village. Your journey discover the unique river is Blue Lagoon River, the local people called Pucak Sari pool and the jouney continue to four waterfalls. They are Aling-aling waterfall, Kroya waterfall, Kembar waterfall and the last one Pucuk Waterfall.

The journey ends with lunch and enjoy a fresh young coconut, after that you will be drop back to your accommodation.

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